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Automated Accounting.
One Centralized Dashboard.

We help businesses organize their financial data into a single source of truth.

You Deserve Efficiency!

If you’re feeling stuck in the same rut with inefficient financial processes, you’re not alone. You have way too many spreadsheets, information is scattered, and the systems aren’t talking to each other properly. Even worse, the lack of information is causing you to give up on data requests and financial information that could have helped your business grow.

It’s too much work to organize and streamline everything, and you aren’t an accounting expert. This leaves you feeling powerless and dismissed and you don’t know how to move forward.

Imagine how your business will grow when you can get all of your financial information from one single source.


Streamline Your
Financial Processes

  • Reduce the cost of year-ends
  • Receive quick payments from customers
  • Stop stifling business growth due to inefficient and unorganized processes
  • Stay on budget through leading indicators
  • Improve your purchasing procedures
  • Gain a centralized dashboard with overall company
    performance and financials in one place

Know Where You Stand

At Allstar Tech, we get how frustrating it can be to know that your business growth is stifled because you lack financial data.

For 30 years, we’ve been a automated accounting consultant. We’ve helped 200+ businesses and 5,000+ people with billions of dollars to organize their financial data into a single source of the truth.

So, book your discovery call today. Why? Because you deserve to achieve exponential business growth, and we can help you take the first step.


What We Do…

  • Setup, installation, and maintenance of the Sage 300 system
  • Development of browser-based Sage 300 interfaces to suit your business needs
  • Design financial reports for your unique circumstance
  • Streamline your financial processes
  • Support reconciliations including Financial Year-End and Canadian Payroll updates

A Centralized Dashboard

As an advisor we use a proven method and real data to help you make
better investment decisions.

We listen
and learn.

On our introductory call, we'll listen and learn about your business challenges and goals.

We work

We'll work directly with you and your team to devise a plan that meets your business goals.


Use our proven method to help you streamline your processes and achieve your desired outcomes.

Getting all of your financial information in one place doesn’t have to be so hard!