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Allstar Tech is family-operated boutique management consulting firm located in Western Canada.

Your success matters to us.

We know how hard it is to prioritize the right projects when your teams are not aligned. You need a guide with a proven method to help you align your teams and streamline your IT and business processes to achieve your desired outcomes. And when you find the right guide to work with your teams, you’ll shape technology-enabled innovation.

At Allstar Tech, we’ve spent the last 30 years helping hundreds of businesses and thousands of people clarify priorities and align their teams. So, book a discovery call today. On that call, we will listen and learn about your challenges, work with your team to devise a plan that meets your business goals, and help you get your priorities on track.

You can unite your teams toward a common goal and have effective conversations that move innovation forward.

Take The Pain Out Of Your Process

We use a proven method backed by real data and research to help you
streamline your processes.

  • Delivering technology-enabled strategies
  • Accelerate your innovation processes
  • Prioritize the right investments
  • Stop wasting time and money
  • Drive innovation in your business
  • Avoid unnecessary risk
  • Increase productivity with your teams
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Meet the Team

Stuart Holtby

I started Allstar Tech in 1989, to help small businesses take advantage of micro computers. I have a zest for acquiring and utilizing new knowledge and capabilities to maximize a company’s potential.

Prior to Allstar Tech, I was the System Engineer at Northwest Digital and the Sales Manager at Professional Computer Systems.

I am a graduate of Athabasca University, where I attained a Masters degree in Business Administration. I currently live in Regina with my wife. When I’m not keeping busy with helping businesses get unstuck and get in sync, you can find me on the bike path.

Valerie Hagen

I joined Allstar Tech in 1990 as partner. I build the Sage 300 (formerly ACCPAC) Automated Accounting practice from the ground up. Prior to Allstar Tech, I was the office manager at the Institute of Chartered Accounts.

I am a graduate of CompuCollege, where I majored in office administration. I currently live in Regina with my husband. When I’m not keeping busy with Sage 300 installation and implementation, you can find me on the tennis courts working on my serve.


I joined Allstar Tech in 2019 as a Project Coordinator.

Prior to Allstar, I worked in Client Services at Viterra and a Customer Service Rep at Crop Production Services. During my tenure at Viterra, I helped the company bring IT support back in house and completed a hardware refresh including desktop, printers and mobile devices across North America.

I currently live in Regina with my son and 2 crazy dogs. When I’m not keeping busy with helping clients get unstuck, you can find me doing a DIY project around my house.


I joined Allstar Tech. in 2007 as an Office Administrator and have advanced my career through various positions such as: Office Administration, IT help desk and Sage 300 help desk. I now help clients streamline their processes which enables them to make informed decisions and get the most out of their technology.

I currently live in Regina with my husband and 2 kids. When I’m not keeping busy with helping business get unstuck, you can find me outdoors.

Reducing the Cost of Change

Choose the right projects to back financially and deliver technology-enabled
strategies with Allstar Tech.

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