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The benefits of BPM

We believe that real business success is grounded on organizational culture and behaviours which translates into delighted customers.  This is the real benefit of BPM.  BPM gets everyone in the organization working to drive value for customers.  Often businesses lose sight of what's really important to customers.  BPM focuses on the customer. 

Take a minute and recall your own interaction with a company you like to do business with – have one in your head?  Now ask yourself this, how did they win your heart and mind and deliver outcomes that you really cared about?  When you reflect on this, who did you credit?  Was it the person that served you?  Or do you consistently receive good service regardless of the person that serves you?  If the answer is the latter then the company has their organizational culture and behaviours sorted out and their “process” act together. 

BPM solves two nagging business questions

In our view BPM solves many questions but in particular BPM solves two of the most nagging for businesses. 

The first question BPM answers is: "What is it that you are managing, really?"  Think about this for a minute.  Reflect on what is managed in your organization. Consider specific things and how you measure them.  When we ask this question of managers we often get "people" as an answer.  Oh?  People can be managed?  Hardly.  You see, we believe that the process people work in can be managed and in this way people are led, not managed. 

The second nagging business question that BPM solves is "Why is it that managers (owners) are always running out of time while employees tend to run out of work?" The answer lies in empowerment and is centered on the "How".  That is, how does management empower employees to do the work.  BPM provides the answers to the two nagging questions – click here to contact us and let's talk about how BPM can empower your organization.


During our process review engagements we witness something amazing.  That is, we see employees and their organizations transform.  In fact, we've been told that we give employees “a new lease on work life”.  This is the most rewarding part of our work and is why we’re so passionate about our BPM method.

You see, Business Process Management is often mistaken for a bunch of models comprised of lines and boxes.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Its like saying that a sports playbook is just a bunch of X’s and O’s.  It's strange when you think about it.  If a sports team didn't have a playbook you'd be left asking, How do the players know the plays?  So then, how can we expect an employee to be empowered without a process "playbook". 

It is during the creation of the process playbook that we see employees become empowered and businesses transformed.  In our view, this happens because no longer are employees victimized by the fear of the unknown (imagine being in the game and not knowing the play).  When everyone knows the playbook – plays are called confidently at the line of scrimmage and victory is unstoppable. Similarly, a process playbook empowers employees to compare and contrast options, make informed decisions and execute the process. 

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