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What is Business Process Management Really?

Business Process Management (BPM) is about identifying and eliminating process pain.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there – in a painful process. We’ve all had our internal voice screaming at us: there has to be a better way!  Many organizations know they have a pain in their processes, worse they don’t know where to start to fix it.

At its core Business Process Management removes pain in processes

Tackling a painful process is similar to diagnosing back pain. Back pain is tricky; it’s hard to know what’s causing it exactly. Is it a muscle, disc or something (God forbid) more serious? Do you need to see a chiropractor, a physician or just take a muscle relaxant? Typically a chiropractor will use techniques to straighten your back; a physician may order tests like an x-ray and prescribe pain relievers. All of these techniques are in an effort to get you back on your feet and mobile again.

Similarly in business, you want to improve mobility, efficiency, enhance agility and be more profitable but where do you begin? This is where Business Process Management techniques help to uncover the “unknown unknowns” and diagnose the root cause of the pain and then follow up with actions to rid your organization of the pain for good.

Pain that BPM solves / avoids

    • Loss of customers to competitor's– citing bad process as the reason;
    • Information Technology not performing to expectations;
    • Knowledge walking out the door / employee turnover;
    • Failure to meet compliance requirements, major audit issues;
    • Lawsuits, safety incidents and PR crisis.

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Six Sigma, Lean and all the fuss

We avoid all the noise that’s created around Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma which have been hyped as the next big thing.  It is worth remembering that none of this is new or revolutionary.

The reality is that the tools and methods of the Lean and Six Sigma packages have been around individually for decades, primarily in the manufacturing industry.  They are important business tools and we treat them as such.  However, what we don't do is waste time and energy on pointless philosophical debates.

The debates related to the different techniques and tools from these efforts (example: Six Sigma DMAIC – DFSS, Lean, QualPro MVT, TRIZ, Blitz, PHVA) isn't an important subject.  The really important thing is to use the best tool available which is adapted for the problem that needs to be solved. That’s our approach – just because you have a hammer not everything is a nail. 

Be wary of consultants or service providers that don't practice what they preach but rather provide training to prep your team on becoming “Six Sigma Black Belts” or “Lean gurus” – if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re not for you.


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