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What is meant by Automated Accounting?

Automated accounting is an approach to maintaining up-to-date accounting documents and supporting materials used by individuals and companies in the preparation of financial statements and tax documents with the aid of a computer hardware and software.

Holy, that's a formal definition.  We'll add a more entrepreneurial flair to the definition of automated accounting and include:

"information that empowers informed decisions to accelerate your business"

This additional definition of automated accounting is at the core of what Allstar Tech is about. In fact, the roots of automated accounting go back over 50 years.  You see Allstar Tech got its start from within a Chartered Accounting firm (Holtby Galenzoski) and that lineage lives on.  We’re serious about accounting software and the information it provides to make informed decisions and accelerate business.

Accelerating your business

We genuinely want to help you grow your business by making your accounting system a highly valuable financial management tool. Improving your existing internal accounting processes for your organization is one of the most beneficial business decisions you’ll make.

In fact, the one thing we hate to see is business growth limited because the organization is saddled with a lame accounting system.  Believe us, we’ve seen some lame ones.  However, we’ve also seen a number of companies accelerate their growth through the practical implementation of amazing accounting software.  Click here to learn more.


Our Value

We are business minded IT professionals.  That is, we are business people that chose IT as a profession not IT dudes trying to learn business.  This difference is subtle and profoundly important when it comes to automating your accounting.  We think like entrepreneurs not tech heads.

We've witnessed a lot of change over the last two decades and gained an enormous amount of experience along the way.  Software has become much more sophisticated and comprehensive.  However, what hasn’t changed is how important information is to making informed decisions.  

During the last two decades of implementing accounting software for small and mid-size businesses we have collected a number of cases where businesses have accelerated their business.  For starters, Sage has produced a good whitepaper "What to Do When You’ve Outgrown Small Business Accounting Software" that's worth a read.  But feel free to contact Valerie Hagen at 306.522.7827 x:125 - she can give you the low down.

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