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Allstar Tech serves small and mid-sized businesses through three core services

Strategic Planning

Strategy is about shaping the future.  Let's discover it together.

Process Management

Business Process Management is the gem that empowers organizations.
Learn why.

Automated Accounting

Learn how your business can grow through the practical implementation of award winning accounting software.

Allstar Tech - Business in Motion

Do you find yourself asking why is it that managers are running out of time while employees are running out of work?  Got a monkey on your back?  Click here to discover how Business Process Management can help empower your operation.

About Allstar

Since 1989 our purpose has not changed.  We are steadfastly committed to helping businesses get the most from their information technology investment.  Over the last two decades we've witnessed significant change.  We recall that when we started in 1989, cellphones cost $5,000 and the Internet was science fiction.  Times most certainly have changed but one objective remains constant -  our clients trust in us.

Allstar Tech is a boutique consulting firm.  Our people's knowledge is our value.  We are blessed to have a core group of people that can think on their feet - taking a practical and pragmatic approach to solving everyday business problems. 

We tend not to over think core principles.  We believe that core principles are best defined as good manners and are described with words like please, you're welcome and  thank you.  Our common sense core principles that guide everyone at Allstar Tech consist of:

  1. Show up on time
  2. Do what you said
  3. Finish what you start
Why Process Management

More Profitable

Learn how BPM will make your small and medium business more profitable.

Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck?  You're not alone.  Contact us to find out.

Work for You

Learn how you can get Allstar Tech's BPM method working for you.
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